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August 13, 2020
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Committee Information

By-Law Committee

One of the most important things that the by-law committee does is the actual creation of by-laws. This committee is comprised of board members who have knowledge of the laws of the State Of New Hampshire and whom have the ability to research those laws in the event any questions arise.

This group comes together and creates everything that relates to the operation of the New Hampshire Police Association, from the election of officers to how much power committees have. This committee then presents any by-law changes to the Executive Board for ratification. Once this is done, the changes will go before the general membership so they can be voted on and approved at the annual meeting.

Another function of the by-law committee is to make sure that all rules outlined in the by-laws are being followed. This oversight usually comes in the form of an operational question which are raised at a Board of Directors meeting. Also, its the function of the by-laws committee to tgive guidance to the Board of Directors to ensure that any new business is conducted according to the by-laws, and all votes that take place are done in accordance with the voting regulations that have been established.

Contact: John Yurcak
Charities / Scholarships Committee

It's the responsibility of the NHPA's Charities Committee to investigate all applications for charitable assistance.

In addition to responding to the many regular and unsolicited appeals which are received, the NHPA Charities Committee has continued to give support to a core group of charities. The core charities lists are those that are associated with law enforcement and those located within the State of New Hampshire. These charities are reviewed regularly by the NHPA's Charities Committee.
Some general rules governing request for funds from the New Hampshire Police Association.
  • PLACING A REQUEST FOR CHARITABLE FUNDS:  Any and all requests for charitable funds must be done so in written letter format. The letter should be sent  to the NHPA via US Mail to the following address:                                                    
New Hampshire Police Association
C/O Charities Committee
75 S. Main Street; Unit 7 PMB 265
Concord, NH 03301
Requests made via E-Mail will not be accepted.  
  • CONTACT OF PROPOSED RECIPIENT:  Upon receiving the request, the NHPA the recipient will be contacted and asked about their need and circumstances, so they may report back to the Executive Board.
  • NHPA FUNDS BALANCES:  Before any money is disbursed for charitable purposes, in any form, the NHPA's Executive Board will be advised of the current balance of money in the NHPA's Charitable Account. 
  • CHECKS ONLY:  All charity donations will be made out in the form of a check made out directly to the charitable cause.  In no case will cash be given to a member to give to the charitable cause, be they an individual or an organization.
Election Committee
Contact: Mark Dumas
Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing all fundraising activities in support of the programs and publications of the NHPA.

Each year the fundraising committee develops a strategy for fundraising for the NHPA. The major source of revenue from fundraising is through our advertisements and sponsorships in the Knighstick Magazine. The NHPA maintains and periodically reviews a list of potential sponsors/donors.

Please visit "Our Partners" Link on the main website to visit the businesses and organizations that support the NHPA and NH's Law Enforcement Community.

Contact: Rob O'Connor
Knightstick Magazine

The Knightstick Magazine is the official magazine of the New Hampshire Police Association (NHPA). It is published twice a year by McKnight Management Company out of Falmouth, Massachusetts, and is provided free to all members of the NHPA as a benefit of membership in the association.

The Knightstick staff  are unparalleled in their ability to reflect the values and interests of NHPA and its members, as we build upon our foundation as the premier organization of law enforcement focused professionals.
Every issue of the Knightstick Magazine received by NHPA members is chuck full of valuable information about NH Law Enforcement.  From columns by NHPA leaders and staff members to certification and approved education provider listings, Knightstick Magazine contains association news and information that you cannot find anywhere else.
Due to costs association with printing and shipping of the Knightstick Magazine, starting this year we will be added an electronic version of the Knightstick Magazine to this website. Click here to view the electronic version on the Knightstick Magazine.

For more information on advertising or submitting articles to the Knightstick Magazine, contact: Bill Ganley

Contact: Bill Ganley
Legislative Committee

The legislative process is complex. However, participation in the process can be very straightforward. Citizen advocacy is often the most effective form of "lobbying." Legislators want to make decisions based on the best possible information. Local public safety professionals are the real experts on public safety in their communities. The first step is to build a relationship with your Representative and Senator. Don't wait until there is an issue or concern to call your legislators and meet with them. They will value your input both as a constituent and as an expert on public safety concerns in your community. Realizing that our membership consists of public safety professionals who work non-traditional hours, the NHPA created a Legislative Committee to make sure that our interests are heard in Concord.

The NHPA Legislative Committee Responsibilities:
  • The legislative committee shall work closely with any NHPA identified lobbyist(s) to identify and compile all legislative issues of interest to law enforcement in the State of NH.
  • Members shall establish and maintain contacts within the system of government to further the legislative interests of the Association.
  • Members shall, when available, provide testimony before the Legislature or committees thereof as appropriate.
  • The committee Chairman shall communicate and coordinate the Association’s legislative agenda with other law enforcement associations within the State of NH.
  • The committee chairman shall inform the Board and general membership of the Association’s legislative agenda and seek input for the coming session.
  • The committee Chairman shall work closely with any identified NHPA lobbyist(s) to coordinate testimony by Association members at hearings of concern to New Hampshire Law Enforcement.
  • The committee chairman shall represent the Association, using independent judgment, in addressing legislative issues where the Board, General Membership or committee cannot be consulted in advance.


Contact: Tim Mone
Membership Committee
Contact: Mark Dumas
New Hampshire Retirement Board
Contact: Dean Crombie ( Chief Somersworth P.D.)
NH Cadet Academy Committee

As one of the main sponsors of the NH Cadet Academy, this committee acts as a liaison between the NHPA and the staff at the Cadet Academy. This way the Board of Directors of the NHPA  are kept up to speed on what is happening at the NH Cadet Academy and any needs of the Cadet Academy staff are met.

Contact: Brian Valerino
NH Chiefs of Police Representative

The New Hampshire Police Association represents both rank and file law enforcement officers. The NHPA has a long standing history of a great working relationship with the NH Chief of Police Association. As such, the NH Chiefs of Police appoint a representative from their organization to sit on the NHPA Board of Directors.

This representative acts as a liaison between the two organizations. Because much of what happens in the Law Enforcement Community here in NH affects both rank and file law enforcement officers, we do everything we can to ensure that we are united in our efforts to address ALL matters related to law enforcement in NH.

NH Cops with Cancer Representative

The Lt. Steven P. Demo New Hampshire Cops with Cancer Fund, Inc. was established in 1999, by Lt. Steven P. Demo of the Portsmouth, NH Police Department during his brave battle with cancer.

On September 25, 1999, family and friends, and brother and sister law enforcement officers honored Lt. Steven P. Demo at a barbecue, in Dover, NH. The purpose of this barbecue was to raise funds for Steve to take his family to Disney World while his cancer was in remission. During this barbecue, the slogan “NH Law Enforcement Cares” was created to express NH police officers dedication to one another, when in need. Pleasantly, this fund-raiser far exceeded the financial goal set. Upon the termination of the fund-raiser, Steve gave $5,000.00 to the New Hampshire Police Association to start the Cops with Cancer fund. Understanding how costly a fight with cancer can be, Steve wanted to give something back to his brother and sister law enforcement officers, should this terrible disease strike a NH police officer or their immediate family.

Hence, a committee was established to oversee the Cops with Cancer fund, administered through the New Hampshire Police Association.

The NH Cops with Cancer representative acts as a liaison between the NHPA and the Cops with Cancer fund. This partnership ensures that NO NH Law Enforcement Officers will "fall through the cracks" and not obtain the benefits of this fund, God Forbid he/she ever needs to use it.


Contact: Dean Crombie
NH Pipes And Drums
Contact: Keith Phelps
NH Retired Officers

The New Hampshire Police Association represents both rank and file law enforcement officers. The NHPA has a long standing history of a great working relationship with the NH Retired Officers Association. As such, the NH Retired Officers Association appoints a representative from their organization to sit on the NHPA Board of Directors.

This representative acts as a liaison between the two organizations. Because much of what happens in the Law Enforcement Community here in NH affects both rank and file law enforcement officers, we do everything we can to ensure that we are united in our efforts to address ALL matters related to law enforcement in NH.

Contact: John Curran
NH Retirement System Security Coalition

The NH Retirement Security Coalition consists of more than 70,000 active and retired first responders, teachers and public workers who united to launch the New Hampshire Retirement Security Coalition. The coalition came into existence as a result of some detrimental bills being introduced by the NH Legislature. The old adage that there is strength in numbers holds true in this situation and with 70,000 active and retired members the NH Retirement Security Coalition is a powerful coalition.

The coalition is dedicated to ensuring New Hampshire workers who teach our children, police our streets, and fight our fires can depend on a stable and modest retirement income after a career of public service. The New Hampshire Retirement Security Coalition believes that retirement is a shared employee and employer responsibility, and must be done in a fiscally responsible manner. 

The coalition is supportive of efforts to maintain defined benefit pension and health care benefits for retired public employees provided by the New Hampshire Retirement System (NHRS) and to ensure the long-term viability of the plan for current and future public employees. These benefits are essential tools for recruiting and retaining a skilled and qualified workforce—educators, first responders, and other essential public servants—to provide vital services for the citizens of New Hampshire. 
Contact: John Stewart
NH/DC Memorial(s)


Each year sworn and civilian members of Law Enforcement community, included those from the Department of Corrections, Legislature, the Public and the Media attend services at the New Hampshire Police Memorial to honor those individuals who gave the ultimate sacrifice to serve the citizens of the State of New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Police Memorial is located behind the State House in Concord.
The program will last approximately one hour.  The program will consist of a few speakers, including the Governor of the State of New Hampshire, guest speakers such as Gregory Parker, son of New Hampshire State Trooper Gary Parker, killed in the line of duty in 1989. An Honorable Roll Call is read recognizing the names of all the 42 fallen police officers, while a flower is placed in the memorial wreath.
The New Hampshire Police Association Pipes & Drum Band plays many popular bag pipe lyrics, including Amazing Grace. The event is sponsored by the New Hampshire Troopers’ Association, the New Hampshire Police Association and the Chiefs of Police Association of New Hampshire.
The task of this committee is to ensure that the ceremony goes off without any flaws. This committee works closely with the Governor's Office as well as with the other organizations that support the New Hampshire Police Memorial.
There is also a Police Memorial Service held in Washington, D.C. every year. A contingency of New Hampshire Law Enforcement Officers have consistently gone down to Washington, D.C. to participate in the Police Memorial Services held in Washington, D.C. during Police Week and pay respects to our fallen NH Brethren who paid the ultimate sacrifice at the National Law Enforcement Memorial Wall.

It takes a lot of time and effort to coordinate this contingency from across the State of New Hampshire and this committee has been flawlessly arranging travel and itinerary for this contingency for over 15 years. In recent years law enforcement officers from across the State of New Hampshire have participated in the NH Law Enforcement Memorial Services.

Contact: Mike Greeley
Political Awareness Committee


The NHPA Political Awareness Committee was created in 2007 at the request of several Executive Board members who recognized the importance of making our collective power known to politicians.

Throughout our history, NHPA members have continuously fought hard to protect critical benefits such as the NH Retirement System, and other benefits, from being dismantled by anti-public employee politicians and from special interest groups from outside the state. We also saw the importance of remaining vigil over law enforcement related laws being proposed by the NH Legislature. 

As professional law enforcement officers we have the right to have our concerns and issues addressed in the halls of the New Hampshire State House and our United States Congress. The NHPA Political Awareness Committee is structured in such a way that any contributions to political action are not taken from members’ dues monies.

The NHPA Political Awareness Committee makes sure that our issues and concerns will be on the forefront of many politicians’ and lawmakers’ agendas. 



Special Events Committee

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