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Wilton Police Department, NH, Arrests Records, Jail Roster, Contacts

Updated on: May 12, 2023
Wilton Police Department
Postal Code
Hillsborough County
Phone Number
7 Burns Hill Road, Wilton, New Hampshire, 03086

The Wilton Police Department is the chief policing organization of Wilton and parts of the neighboring regions. Its main office is located at 7 Burns Hill Road, Wilton, New Hampshire, 03086.

The Wilton law enforcement agency’s primary responsibility is to guard the Wilton walls, become the initial responders of 911 and maintain law and order in the Wilton.

To report a crime or reach the Wilton Police Department, communicate with:

  • Emergency Call: 911
  • Physical Address: 7 Burns Hill Road, Wilton, New Hampshire, 03086
  • Phone: 603-654-3569

Wilton Police Arrest

With over citizens, arrests in Wilton, New Hampshire, are frequent. They occur following arrest orders or based on the Wilton police officer’s probable suspicion or cause of the individual violating state, federal, Wilton Police Department or municipal laws. Most of these Wilton arrests revolve around property and violent-related crimes. Others revolve around heinous misconduct issues.

To find the Wilton arrest record belonging to a specific arrestee, you can search using the official Wilton Police Office’s website. Or contact the Wilton Police Department at 603-654-3569.

Wilton Jail Roster

After an arrest, all Wilton offenders are booked, and before they can be presented to a judge or released, they must stay in the Wilton municipal jail. Once they are in the Wilton jail, records must be kept indicating the period during which the Wilton arrestee was imprisoned. The data is crucial during a court hearing.

The Wilton jail records are public information accessible through the Wilton Jail Roster. If the detainee is listed on the Wilton jail roster, you will be able to see their mugshot, charges, and other information about their incarceration.

If the inmate is not listed on the roster, you can contact the Wilton Police Department for more details. They may be able to provide you with additional details, such as the offender’s release date or transfer to another correction facility.

It is essential to note that if the offender has just been arrested in Wilton or booked, it may take some time for their information to be entered into the system. If you are unable to find the offender on the Wilton roster, you can try checking back later or contacting the Wilton Police Department for assistance.

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